Mod Manager for World of Tanks Blitz

Basic Usage

0. Install World of Tanks Blitz

If you don't install Blitz on your iPhone/iPad and launch BlitzModder,
it will say "Please install World of Tanks Blitz".

1. Find mods you want to install in Blitz


When you launch BlitzModder, you can see the first screen as shown above.
For example, suppose that you want to install Itasensha skin.
You can tap "Tank Skin" and tap "Anime Itasensha" to check what it is like.

2. Switch ON the mods you decided to install


You will see the webpage that shows the detail of the mod.
After you confirm that it is what you want to install, switch on the button.

3. Tap "Apply" button to install mods


After you finish switching on every button of the mods you want to install,
Go back to Mods List and tap "Apply" button on the right top of the screen.
You will see the confirmation screen, so you can tap "Confirm" button to apply the mods.